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June 21, 2010


You like trading card games but you are bored of the same predefined uninteresting cards?
Waited and waited and waited until the new expansion arrives?
Not anymore because now you can make your own cards and make an expansion happen whenever you like.
Every card will be unique because you make them!and you can play with them, challenging your friends!
And all of that without the expenses of investing on trading cards. All you have to pay is for the material to make your cards and those are of your choice.

Inspired by these Sample cards here

Art Trading card game 0.2 Rules

discarded card pile=basement
strenght of combo = popularity

Players must have a deck of 40 to 50 artworks that must have the same backface,
for the cardface everything is permitted.Shape can be anything provided that all cards share the same shape.

Before the game begins players agree on tha amount of points thay are playing for.
At the start of the game a coin is flipped to decide criteria.
Head for medium and tails for color.
The categories of the decided criteria are then shuffled and placed in order.
Every player draws 5 cards from their respective decks.
Flip a coin to decide who goes first.

The players take turns.
At the begginig of a player's turn he draws a card from his deck.
He can then place as many cards as he can to his gallery, provided he follows these rule:
He can play a card of a certain category of either criteria only once per turn.
For example,if he places as his first card a photograph in blue,
he can't place another photograph in red or a drawing in blue, but he can place
a drawing in red.
After placing cards in gallery he can challenge his opponent (unless is the first round)
in the current criteria using an artwork from his gallery against an artwork from the other's player gallery.
Then, the defender can place any card to his gallery as defensive placing.
The attacker can place any card but at the end of the challenge this card is placed in the basement.This is considered offensive placing.
After bonuses and cards are counted in order to determine "popularity", the winner gets as many points as the difference in popularity and places one artwork to the basement(provided he has any).
If there is no difference winner is considered the attacker,so attacker is the one that discards artwork.
The players then end his turn and the other take his place.
The winner of the game is the first to collect the agreed amount of points.

Criteria are Medium and Color. As medium is regarded the medium used for the artwork and as color the dominant color.
If more than one color/medium is present the dominant one is regarded as the color/medium.
If there is no apparent dominance then the owner can do two things:
- Declare it as a certain medium and certain color color that equal to 1 point to the respective categories
- Declare as multi that equals to 0.5 point to every category of the multi criteria.
Note: If there is apparent category in one criteria but no apparent category in the other,
  the artwork can only regarded as multi for the criteria that the category is not apparent.
For example, if i place an artwork that is apparently red but of no apparent medium then i can only declare it as multi for the medium criteria,
that counts for 0.5 popularity in every medium and 1 popularity for red.
If the category of an artwork is not in the category list then the player have to declare it as any of the closest relatives.
For example, if a player has a purple drawing he can  declare it as blue or red, but not as yellow.
Declarations apply from the time of declaration and for the rest of the game.

Categories are decided and agreed by the players.
A sample is:

The order of the categories in the current criteria give bonuses in popularity to the card category.
The last category give +0 for the current criteria and that category.
The second from last category give +1 for the current criteria and that category.
The first category give +(n-1) for the current criteria in the that category.
These bonuses are accounted only for challenges.
Black is equal to white. There can't be two seperate categories,one for black and one for white.

Example of challenge.
Current criteria is color,
order is red-blue-black-green-yellow.
My gallery has 2 red drawings,
  1 green multimedium,
  1 multicolor multimedium
  1 multicolor photograph
Opponent gallery has
  2 blue digital
  1 red multimedium
  1 multicolor multimedium
  2 multicolor photograph
I have in red 2(for red artwork) + 2*0.5(for multicolor) + 4(for category bonus)= 7 popularity
my oponent has in blue 2(for blue)+1.5(for multicolor)+3(for category bonus)=6.5 popularity
i challenge him and he places as defensing placing a blue photograph now he has 7.5 pop
I place as offense a red digital and now i have 8 popularity.
I won the challenge.I discard the red digital i played as offensive placing , i discard the green multimedium because i won and i must discard a card and
i get 0.5 points.

A player can also do :
For one time in his turn he can discard 2 popularity equal of artworks in a certain criteria and category from his hand or gallery to the basement
in order to raise the category of criteria by one rank swapping with the one higher.
If the category is on top , the cards are just put to the basement.
For example, current criteria is color and red is third from the last and not fisrt.
The player can discard to the basement 1 red drawing (1pt),1 multicolor drawing (0,5 ptin any color) and 1 multicolor multimedium (0,5 pt) and
now red is fourth from the last.
This ability can be used as an alternative to defensive placing in gallery during challenges.
However,it cannot be used in place of offensive placing .

While not in challenge and on his turn or on defensive placing , a player can discard 5 artworks to the basementfrom his hand or gallery in order to change the current criteria.
The new criteria deck is shuffled and placed in order and bonuses apply.If a player uses that ability on defensive placing he can't place another card or use another ability.

When a player is out of artworks to draw , he shuffles his basement and uses that as his deck.
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charlesduncan Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010  Professional General Artist
very interesting concept have you "played" it yet
personaly i play magic occasionally
wastedyear Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
no, i didn't even make a single card. But i will try to test the rules using regular cards when i find someone to play me.
Suins--ATCs Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010
Definitely interesting. A little confusing, but it sounds like it could be fun.

"...I place as offense a red digital and now i have 8 popularity.
I won the challenge.I discard the red digital i played as offensive placing , i discard the green multimedium because i won and i must discard a card and
i get 0.5 points."

Why did you win that? Why couldn't he have placed another card?
wastedyear Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
because he places one time after the challenge as defense and then i can place one as ofense. This happens only one time. You think it'd be better if you could continue until someone give up?
Suins--ATCs Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010
Oh! No I understand now. Nah, I think you were right in giving it a limit.
Fullmetal-Animator Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010  Professional Filmographer
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